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Dear customers, here we are presenting a list of products we are currently looking for. Please contact us (Markhitton@outlook.com), if you have any of the following products below without watermarks:

  • Alexander De Cova – Notas Vol. 1

  • Social Media Marketing for Mentalists and Magicians by Luca Volpe 

  • The Wealthy Magician: Manifesto for Professionals by Richy Roy 

  • Luca Volpe and Alex Le Fanu – Powerful Words

  • Peter Turner – Escalators

  • Scott Creasey – Minimalistic, Metaphysical, Mentalism

  • Joel Dickinson – Head Tricks

  • Joel Dickinson – Tricking the Brain

  • Casshan Wallace – The Power

  • Bill Montana – Phasmatis Opus

  • Fraser Parker – The Book of the Fallen

  • Ross Tayler and Think Nguyen – Arcane: An Introduction to Estimation

  • Ryan Schlutz – False Anchor 3

  • The Real Deal by Mark Edward

  • Dolphin’s Tears by Mark Edward

  • Psi-Lines: A Book of Psychic Quotes by Mark Edward

  • Tenebrae by Mark Edward

  • Bundles by Mark Edward

  • Sense and Seance by Mark Edward

  • Mediums Done Well by Mark Edward

  • Loose Ends by Mark Edward

  • GRAPHICK by Mark Edward

  • How To Increase Your Income With ESP by Mark Edward

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