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My Best by J. G. Thompson Jr.

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My Best by J. G. Thompson Jr.

This is a classic, a wonderful book now available as PDF. It contains the best of the best from 115 well-known professionals and clever amateurs. 193 tricks and routines from all branches of magic.

  • Preface

  • Introduction

  • Chapter I: Discoveries And Revelations

    • The Card Between

    • Cards Of Cairo

    • The Middle Deal

    • Dick Tracy Card Trick

    • Tap Force

    • Under Cover

    • As You Desire

    • So That's The Way You Want It!

    • Kindred Spirits

    • The Timed Turnover

    • Magneto-Box

    • The Kolar Card Trick

    • My Clutch Slips

    • Bill Mccaffrey's Prize Winner

    • Card On The Wall

    • Are You Sure?

    • The Principle Of Alternative Terminations

    • Just Think Of One

    • Here's Your Card

    • Well, Well!

    • That's The Way They're Done

  • Chapter II: Cards In Motion

    • "Insto-Transpo Perfected"

    • There'll Be Some Changes Made!

    • Technicolor Transpose

    • Saturn's Card Transposition

    • "Guess It"

    • Again – The Card In The Wallet

    • Parade Of The Lamas

    • Up My Sleeve

    • Effective Passee-Passee Card Melange

    • Card Thru Hank

    • Six Cards To Pocket With Extras

    • Here. There And Everywhere

    • The Improved "Zens" Cards & Envelopes

    • Rising Cards From Houlette

    • Mechanico Rising Cards

    • The Impromptu Floating Card

    • The J. M. Rising Card

    • My Best Rising Cards

  • Chapter III: Meeting Of The Minds

    • The Master Mind

    • At A Mentally Chosen Number

    • Sensitive Fingers

    • Four Ace Memory Test

    • Extra Joker Prediction

    • Next!

    • Follow Me

    • Bi-Mentalism

    • Silent Stop

    • Digivision

    • In The Mind

    • Spread, Shuffle, Spread

    • "Dark Eyes"

    • Turnabout

    • The Blue Intruder

    • Coincidence? No. Prevision? Yes

    • The L. W. Stop Mystery

    • Mental Rescue

    • "Two Be Or Not Two Be – That Was The Question"

    • My Best Trick

    • Predictopack

    • Encore

    • Carbo

    • The Mental Broadcast

    • Peek Deck

    • Out Of These Hands

    • The Future Deck

    • The Magician's Dream

    • Victoria

  • Chapter IV: Potpourri

    • One Plus One Equals Three

    • A Two-Tiered Blank Fan And Some Variations

    • Flighty Aces

    • Hallucination

    • The Alpha Four Ace Trick

    • New Color Change Of A Giant Card Fan

    • I Won't Play Cards With You

    • One In Millions!

    • Telepathic Routine

    • The Canfield Set-Up

    • The King Can Do No Wrong

    • Vanishing Aces

    • The Four Burglars

    • Greatest Four Ace Trick

    • A New "Find The Lady" Illusion

    • Mind-Testing Deck

  • Chapter V: Pocket Tricks

    • St(R)Ung!

    • The Ghost Coin And Key

    • Paper Napkin Vanish

    • Ribbon Release

    • Gone!

    • Paper Money

    • I.O.U.

    • Impromptu Bill Reading

    • Four Coin Transposition

    • The Ring On Pencil

    • Pop Through Cigarette

    • The Ring Of Thoth

    • A Cubical Curiosity

    • Jamison's Spot Sticks

    • Karger's Bent Coin

    • A Hole In One

    • The Pedagogue's Nightmare

    • A Shot Of Scotch

    • Three In One

    • Peter Rabbit Goes To Town!

    • Sefalaljia III

    • Tapping Pencil

    • Perpetual Pencil

    • Poor Man's Bank Night

    • The Philanthropic Poker Chip

    • The Ghost Coins

    • Hornswoggled

    • Materialization

    • Double Or Nothing

  • Chapter VI: Tricks For The Home

    • Pen-Plexity

    • Vanishing Salt Trick

    • Marbles And Marvels

    • Under The Pan

    • Finger Finger

    • On The Cuff

    • The Trick Without A Name

    • The Perfect Pitch Test

    • Kolar's Magic Shears

    • Dead!

    • "The Morris Plan"

    • Telephone Book Trick

    • Assisted By The Dead

    • Trinket Test

  • Chapter VII: Tricks For Home And Stage

    • Multiple Slate Writing

    • Wuxtra!

    • Egyptian X-Ray Scope

    • A Paper Cone, Silk N' Water

    • The Spirit Mirror

    • A Ring In Transit

    • Humpty Dumpty Gets Around

    • Double Locking Slate

    • Double Locking Periscope Slate

    • Cut Post Card Mystery

    • The Watch, Glass And Handkerchief

    • Hand(Y) Magic

    • Big Money

    • Physician's Ropes

    • Dy-Cyphering Trick

    • Chesbro On Heath's "Dy-Cyphering"

    • Take A Number From 1 To 30

    • Hugard's Butterflies

    • Magnetic Spheres

    • A Silk Production

    • The Bewitched Paper

    • Dollar Bill In Lemon

    • The Rise And Fall Of Paul Mall

    • Linking Rings

    • Torn And Restored Strip Of Paper

    • Psychic Impressions

    • Mystic Sewing Machine

    • The Ring From A Rope

    • Tomorrow's News

    • The Invisible Mischievous Genii

    • Moonlight Madness

    • Tear Supreme

    • Refund

  • Chapter VIII: Stage Effects

    • The Telephone Drama

    • The Test Of The Tiber

    • The Arrowsmith Glass Penetration

    • Hat'n Bunny 305

    • The Color-Changing Hat And Gloves

    • An Amusing Interlude

    • The Flaming Punch

    • Fountain Of Silks

    • The Silver Shower

    • The Elusive Canary

    • "My Best" Club Laugh

    • "My Best" Flash Opening

    • My Favorite Trunk Routine

    • The Four Door Production Cabinet

    • The Magic Sewing Cabinet

    • Magic Of The Wand

    • "Pop's" Opener

    • Karson's A La Die Box Illusion

    • The Lamarque Rabbit Vanish

    • Fatima

    • A "Flash" Opener

    • "Just Raising Cane"

    • Modern Crystal Coin Jar

    • Nite Club Teaser

    • Thought Projection Test

    • Odloscope

    • "The Secret Of The Maharajah"

    • Patter For The Egg Bag

    • The Escape-Ologist

    • Namreh's "Electrick"

    • Cig To Pipe

    • Watch And Nest Of Boxes Without Assistant

    • Windsor's Egg Bag Routine

    • The M. F. Zens Magic Table And Walking Through Ribbon Illusion

  • Chapter IX: Biographical Sketches Of Contributors

  • "My Best"

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