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Joe Diamond LIVE (Penguin LIVE)

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"Joe Diamond is a living legend. He is everything that is right with magic!" -Brian Brushwood

"Joe Diamond is dedicated to the art of mentalism, he's a top flight performer, he studies and cares about mentalism, and he also willingly shares his time with others who could benefit from his guidance." -Ken Weber

"As a guest on Joe Diamond's weekly radio show years ago I saw first-hand how well he engages the listeners. He knows how to script and stage compelling magical presentations over the air. In the years since I've heard dozens of clips of his own appearances on other people's shows. He nails it every single time. When it comes to performing on the medium of radio, or using radio for promotion, Joe is the first I go to. You can't go wrong with his material and insight." -Christopher Carter

"Joe Diamond is a highly-experienced working mentalist, and all of his effects are entertaining and thoroughly audience-tested. I'd happily buy anything he produces sight-unseen, as I know it will make me money." -Richard Webster

"I have personally used many of Joe Diamonds ideas in my own shows to great success and I have seen other performers that I admire delight audiences again and again using his creations. Joe Diamond creates solid working material for Mentalists that are sure to become some of your favorite pieces." -Paul Draper

"Joe, I promise you bend spoons better than I do" -Uri Geller

"I really admire Joe's work for evaluating effects based on how much of yourself you can put into them. More magicians need to think along these lines." -Jay Sankey

"In all my years in magic, Joe Diamond is the best I’ve ever seen!" -Marshall Brodien

What will he teach?

Joe Diamond will be covering material that has served him well in every situation from impromptu, to walk around, to stage, to radio, to virtual shows.
When friends walk around town with him, it’s not uncommon for people to stop & say, 
"Hey, you're that mind reader guy!" This is because he has leveraged local publicity through impromptu performances, newspapers, public shows, radio, live-streams, & blogs.
Not only will he be teaching his high level professional secrets, he will be teaching the effects that have put him there.

Endgame- Not only is this version of the classic "Free Will" effect completely impromptu, the performer AND spectator are named in the prediction.

Half-Twins- Learn how Joe took a self working walk around trick & turned it into an incredible virtual experience.

The Blister Effect- See the video footage of Joe using this classic over the RADIO on multiple shows & learn how it led to months worth of free publicity.

50/50- You read every audience member's mind. Packs Flat. Plays Big. No electronics. No assistants. No memory.

W.A.C.A.A.N.- Learn how to make "Any Card At Any Number" play on the radio, and learn a cornerstone method for publicity stunts.

Various Publicity Stunts- Learn the process Joe uses to match publicity stunts with the right format. He's done it all from Blindfold Drives, to Headline Predictions! Plus, learn how he hacked the Pentagon with just an Ultra-Mental Deck.

World’s Largest Séance- Learn how Joe adapted his favorite walk around piece into a radio publicity stunt that sold thousands of dollars worth of tickets.

The Ritual of the Magician- Joe closes this lecture by performing something for YOU! This can be used on Radio, TV, Livestream, In Person, or Over the Phone!

Who is he?

Joe Diamond has grown up in the Chicago Magic Scene. For ten years, he was part of "The Magic Cabaret" with David Parr. It became Chicago's longest running weekly magic show, and was selected by the Travel Channel as "One of the BEST Magic Shows in America!"
He got his start at age 17 as a Street Magician at Six Flags Great America, a theme park just North of Chicago. That same year, he was featured on Jay Sankey's DVD "Underground Jam" and has been a collaborator for many SankeyMagic products!
In 2010, he broke the WORLD RECORD HOLDER for solving the world’s largest corn maze, BLINDFOLDED. And yes, he's also done many blindfold drives since then!
For three years, he hosted "UnReal Radio" a weekly Sunday night radio program where he interviewed not only ghost hunters and UFO experts, but some of the top mystery performers in our industry. Performers like Joshua Jay, Todd Robbins, Sal Piacente, Paul Draper, Christopher Carter, Richard Webster, Jack Kent Tillar, and even Eugene Burger for his final public interview before his passing.

Here’s what Varla Ventura, the author of “Varla Ventura’s Paranormal Parlor” has to say about Joe Diamond…“If you don’t already worship at the feet of Joe Diamond, you should really get on board. He is truly one of a kind. I am telling you, you need this man in your life.”

And World Renowned Spoon Bender & Mystifier Uri Geller raves, “I promise, Joe Diamond bends spoons better than I do!”

He even freaked out Ari Lehman, the first actor to play Jason Voorhees in the CLASSIC “Friday the 13th” films. After Joe correctly guessed the name of Ari’s first crush, he exclaimed, “Dude, you’re scary!”
He’s the longest artist in residence at The Dole Mansion in Crystal Lake, IL and he’s the official Mind Reader at the Luxurious Maxwell Mansion in Lake Geneva, WI. And yes, both historic buildings are Haunted!He has appeared on NETFLIX, WGN, ABC, The Today Show, and even SHOWTIME! He is also a regular guest performer at the Chicago Magic Lounge

Where can you see the greatest creators and performers share their professional magic act in front of a live audience and then teach you to do it? Only Penguin LIVE: ACTS!


The world's best magicians spend years developing the perfect act. Magic fans almost never get a chance to learn the real secrets behind what makes the top pros act so amazing. Until now. Penguin Live Acts gives you exclusive access to the biggest names in the industry, as they share how to perform their powerful A-material.

First you'll get to watch the show, performed for a real audience, from start to finish. Then you'll go behind the scenes to learn about the routines, and the real secrets about building an act that can take decades to learn.

Many of the ideas shared have been held back for years, and you can only learn it at Penguin LIVE: ACTS! 

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