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Ron Martin's

A Detailed Course in Giving Satisfying 
and Profitable Tarot Card Readings 

If you've been in the mentalism and psychic entertainment community for any length of time, you are probably aware that in the early 1990s, there were primarily three main authors the aspiring psychic reader had to study — the "Big Three", so to speak – Richard WebsterHerb Dewey and Ron Martin. Between these three thinkers, the very nature of psychic readings was transformed (and some readers, as well, I would wager) and brought into the modern era.

As one of the "Big Three" authorities on psychic readings, Ron Martin is especially qualified to teach you everything you need to know about readings, including the best way to prepare for a session, the right things to say, and how to make a real impact on your clients. With over 30 years of experience as a reader, it's interesting to note that Ron continues to work as a full-time professional, presenting both private readings and public workshops, as well as entertaining at exclusive high-end private parties.

When talking with fellow readers, it's noteworthy that one single book is often mentioned as being perhaps the most influential: Ron Martin's TAROT READER'S NOTEBOOK. Although I'm only speaking for myself here, I know many others who share my view that this book changed how I presented Tarot readings to my clients. The curious thing is, however, that the book isn't about the Tarot cards themselves, but how to transform mediocre (perhaps even boring) Tarot readings into something entirely meaningful and entertaining.

The scope of the TAROT READER'S NOTEBOOK covers everything from the moment the client sits down to long after the reading is over . . . and everything in between. Ron reveals how to turn a run-of-the-mill Tarot reading into a small theatrical masterpiece, and explains in detail not only what to do, but all of the psychological reasoning as well.

Take a look at this partial listing of contents:

Foreword by Tony Razzano • Preface • Creating and Learning the Meanings of the Cards • Various Card Designs • The El Cheapo Stage Setting • Music? • Tip on Tips • Some Theorizing • Belief • I Am Not A Psychic. . . Exactly • At the Table, Part One • Quick Philosophy Break • At The Table, Part Two • Checking Questions • Flattery • A Few Sour Notes • The Future Row • Overall Patterns • A Second Layout? • A Few More Random Thoughts • Mechanical Magick • Psychological Magick • Cousin of The Home Factor • Mood Drama • Philosophical and Psychological Stuff • Useful Information Gained • Client Commitment and Involvement • Maybe Psychometry • On Being A Psychic Expert, and Giving Advice • Listening • The Client's Chair • Letting Them Know You're Listening • Reflections • Pausing Before Reflections • Mirroring • Language Analysis and Mirroring • The Most Magick Words Of All • Don't Forget Ears • Other Language Clues • The Client's Need To Act • A Psychological System • Real Advice • Meditation • Learning Your Lines • For the Mnemonically Addicted • Emergency Psychometrics • General Lines • Specific Lines • Personality Lines • Out-of-the-Blue Lines • What is it? • Their Opposite • The Alphabet • Clues • Energy • Generating Energy • More Clues • Color • Handwriting • Sign-In Sheet For Your Tarot Reading • Still More Clues • Marital Difficulties • Clothes Clues • Bibliography

There is a LOT of information in this book, and it's all straight from a recognized master of the art.

Special PRO SHOP Sneak Peek

Click HERE to get a special "sneak peek" at TOC and an excerpt from the TAROT READER'S NOTEBOOK. . .

Not A Tarot Reader?

No problem. Although the focus of the TAROT READER'S NOTEBOOK is on Tarot readings, a little bit of thought will reveal to you how to apply Ron's ingenious techniques to any type of reading system. The psychological and presentational principles taught in this book work for every style of reading, which means that regardless of the system you use, you will be able to improve the effectiveness of your readings in a very short time.

However, if you've been thinking about taking the plunge and beginning to give Tarot readings, you couldn't pick a better place to start. While Ron doesn't cover the individual meanings of the cards, he does provide you with a fully annotated list of books to learn from, and let's you know which ones are worthwhile picking up (as well as which ones aren't!).

What is Mechanical Magick?

Using Ron's system for readings, you will be able to weave a magical spell by hardly lifting a finger. However, if you really want to go the extra mile and convince your clients and audience that there is something, well . . . special about you . . . that you really have "the goods" . . . Ron shares his special bag of tricks that will leave no doubt in anyone's mind. You'll learn about . . .

• The All-Purpose Box of Envelopes 
A No-Gimmick Question Discovery
The Notebook
Business Cards
Pure Suggestion Magick 
• Emotional Intuition
• Table Tipping
• The Pendulum

Bigger and Better

Originally published 15 years ago, an authorized edition of the TAROT READER'S NOTEBOOK has been difficult to obtain for some time now. As you might imagine, when Ron decided to release the new edition, he was eager to add all of the new ideas, tips and techniques he's come up with since the original 137-page edition came out, and as a result the new edition is considerably larger (it's now 206 pages!).

Not only that, but the new and improved TAROT READER'S NOTEBOOK now comes exclusively as an Adobe PDF e-book.

Many people will immediately recognize the main benefit of having the TAROT READER'S NOTEBOOK in digital form . . . Searchability!

Now when you want to find all of the references to the word "pendulum", for example, all you have to do is enter the word into the Search field, and Adobe Reader lists all occurances of the word, with the surrounding context as well. Talk about a time-saver . . .

Of course, some people prefer the printed page over the computer screen, and there's nothing to prevent them from printing out some or even all of the book. Luckily, it's easy to print an Adobe document, either from your own computer's printer or the nearest Kinko's.

Oh, and there's another distinct advantage to a digital release . . .

The Bonus Audio Interview

In the Preface to the TAROT READER'S NOTEBOOK, Ron writes . . .

"Another thing I find useful when I read an author's work is to flip to the photo of the author inside the cover and read the paragraph or two about the author. It gives me some idea of what kind of person this information is coming from. It may have a bearing on how I evaluate what is being said."

After we'd finished the editing of the new edition, Ron and I spoke over the phone, covering not only subjects from the book, but other material that isn't in any of Ron's books.

Things like . . . his childhood experiences with Spiritualism . . . how he got started in psychic fairs . . . how he runs them now . . . philosophical insights into readings . . . plus a whole lot more.

What a great opportunity to hear someone with Ron's background and experience — it's just like if you were to pick up the phone and shoot the breeze for an hour or so with one of the greatest thinkers in the field.

"If I had to choose one book that influenced me dramatically in my reading career, it is the book that you have in your hands right now.

This book changed my professional reading life from one that got several readings a month for a few dollars each, to one that now has several full length readings a week at a very high price per reading.

Add to that a few home parties a month and some corporate gigs, and I have become one of the busiest and highest paid readers in the NYC area."

Tony Razzano
Professional Reader

By following Ron's advice, you too can go from doing just a few low-paying readings a month to whatever level you aspire to.

The Bottom Line

If you're ready to order The TAROT READER'S NOTEBOOK e-book PLUS the exclusive Ron Martin Audio Interview, simply click on the Add To Cart button below.


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