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Hybrid Mentalism by Alexander Marsh

SKU: abk69767945 - In Stock

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Alexander Marsh – Hybrid Mentalism


Hybrid Mentalism :: £35

Avaliable in hardback, 158 pages, manufactured and shipped by Lulu.com

& as an eBook

With a foreword from Looch (author of Simple & Direct Mentalism) this book contains fifteen pieces of strong mentalism suitable for stage, close-up and impromptu settings.


Rub-A-Dub DD – Simple, deceptive and impromptu drawing duplication using business cards.

Philtrum* – A simple peek routine for almost anything; words, numbers, drawings, short sentences… using nothing motr than a stack of index cards.

37th Deception – Create a room full of mind readers using a classic psychological force logically.

In Dramatic Fashion – The Sixth Sense Ploy: A visual a dramtic method for revealing a thought.

Deck Head?- A display of subconscious memorisation of a deck of cards. You memorise a deck and prove it and then so does a spectator!

Tel.*?- Devine any four digit number in a simple and direct manner.

Miser’s Peek Wallet – Use your own wallet in the same manner as a peek wallet without taking a knife to it.

Nine Bob Note* – Guess which hand the participant is hideing their bank note and then, as a final kicker, divine the notes serial number. No gimickes!

… plus much more.

*Also avaliable inTriptych

?Also avaliable as aSingle


Praise for Hybrid Mentalism:

"…the thinking is original, solid, and creative."

Jheff's Market Place of the Mind.

One of Jheff's Best of 2009. Read Jheff's reveiw in fullhere.


Paolo Cavalli

"You would be very, very hard pressed to buy this book and not be able to take something of value from it. Great contribution to the community Alex"

Paul Brook

Sixth Sense Ploy is one of the best things I've ever seen in print! Thanks for sharing that! Consider that straight into my act as of tomorrow night! Very VERY nice thinking! 

Colin McLeod

“When I first read his ideas I was delighted in the simplicity & strength of each effect. Not only that but I could immediately see within his writings that he was a worker.

Alexander…has given you an insight into his diabolical mind. The routines and ideas in this book will far outweigh the price you have paid for it.”


"For a number of months now I have used his routine 'The 37th Deception' and his brilliant, 'In Dramatic Fashion' process and revelation in my professional work and performances. Within a book filled with very clever, useable and strong routines, I have found this one piece and subtlety worth the price of the tome many times over, and this, (without hype and at the risk of sounding totally cliché) is absolutely true.

Alex has a desperate and sincere passion for his art and performances which I find lacking in many of today's students and performers of mentalism. The love is there and the material is here in his wonderful first offering"

Jerome Finley

"Alexander Marsh is a bright man whose work will provide valuable to those who want to play it real"

Dale A. Hildebrandt

"A real blend of classic, bold and modern styles"

Andy Kannon

"This is a no-brainer"

Sean Waters

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